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Welcome to Creative Insights Counseling Services, LLC. If you are struggling with a life transition, depression or past trauma, and seeking support, I am here to help you grow and flourish. I provide a free 15- minute phone consultation. I look forward to hearing from you and working together.

Art Therapy

Art therapy can aid clients who need a non-verbal, creative way to engage in therapy.

Individual Therapy

I am a client centered therapist working with children, teens, and adults.


I help families impacted with the complexity that involves dealing with PANDAS/PANS

Martin Weishaar

I am an integrative trauma therapist. In my practice I work with children and adults and provide parental guidance for neurodivergent families.

Prior to pursuing therapy training, I attended American University and completed a masters in Fine arts in Paining and worked as an artist and as well as an art teacher to neurodivergent middle and high school students.  I have spent six years teaching children with extensive neurodivergent related symptoms as well as developmental and complex trauma.

My work as a teacher led me to the next natural step in my career – combining my artistic background and interest in trauma theory and practice.

I attended George Washington University Art Therapy graduate program (2017). I interned at Sheppard Pratt Hospital and Walter Reed National Medical Center working with military families. As a therapist I have conducted in-home therapy and have worked at the University of Maryland Medical Center Children’s Hospital.
These setting expanded my interest in working with individuals and families who suffer from developmental and complex trauma as well as working with neurodivergent families.

I established my private practice, Creative Insights Counseling Services, LLC in 2019.  Currently I see clients online and in-person.

In 2021 I joined the Expressive Trauma Integration™ one year affiliation program and training.

Specialized Integrative psychotherapy and parental guidance for:

  • Developmental trauma and complex trauma.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Multiple diagnoses rooted in trauma such as eating disorders and addiction
  • Grief, depression, and anxiety.
  • PANDAS/PANS and Neuroinflammation Challenges (ADHD and sensory integration, ODD, OCD, DMDD, ASD).

My Approach

As an integrative trauma therapist, artist, educator and parent my goal is to meet you where you are and together we will explore your strengths, experiences and challenges from a self-compassion lens.

Life can be challenging, and the goal of therapy is not to help you get rid of your challenges but expand the capacity to live with them while reconnecting to your already existing strengths as well as expanding a sense of self-efficacy, meaning and purpose.

I utilize the following therapeutic models:

  • Existential psychotherapy
  • Attachment Based
  • Art therapy
  • Expressive Trauma Integration (https://www.eti.training/)

Common Questions

  • $200 Intake, first session, 90 minutes
  • $175- $200 per 60-minute session
  • I do accept: BlueCross Blue Shield and Carefirst.
  • If I do not accept your insurance, at the end of each month of therapy I provide a ‘Super Bill’ for you to submit to your insurance company in order to take part in there out of network benefits

You must give 24 hour notice prior to cancelling all appointments.  Missed or late cancellations will be a charge of full price of session.

Cash and all major credit cards

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